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In 2015, the Intelligent Community Forum will focus on the study of urban and regional planning and how it is impacting the way people live, work and create in their cities and towns. 

The work of creating an Intelligent Community often begins in crisis. But once the crisis is past, how do Intelligent Communities maintain their momentum?

They integrate their new-found understanding of 21st Century challenges into the urban and rural planning process – that time-tested method for designing, deliberately and collaboratively, a better future for the community.  But this is planning with a difference.  Intelligent Communities recognize that today’s disruptions in technology, the economy and the environment will only grow more intense.  They understand the impact that the continuing broadband revolution will have on their physical form, the delivery of services and their competitive advantages.  So they approach the planning of land-use and infrastructure, sustainability and community development in revolutionary ways.  In the process, they are reinventing what it means to plan.

We encourage Summit attendees to download and read the white paper: The Revolutionary Community: How Intelligent Communities are Reinventing Urban and Rural Planning.